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Teaching Degree of Comparison

New Teacher teaches Degree of Comparison
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Teaching is a process of transferring knowledge. It is successfully if the objective taught is acceptable well by the learners taught at the level. Teaching degree of comparison means that how the objective of transferring degree of Comparison knowledge is obtained and understandable.

Indonesian new English teacher often find difficulty to bring the lesson to his or her students. Don’t you know why? Because the way of teaching degree of comparison runs ineffectively or ambiguity. Therefore, their English teaching program is failure.

In accordance with the problems above, writer tries to offer Indonesian new English teacher packing their English lesson more attractively and easy to follow. Writer will provide them with briefly strategy. Three main points are illustrated below, please take a bit time to comprehend.

What is meant Degree of Comparison?

Degree of comparison is a level of thing, animal or people are compared according to the characteristic that their specifically have. There are two characteristics that the teacher can get. they are adjective and adverb of the subjects.

How to start your teaching well?

When I was a new English teacher at The Junior High School , I usually started the lesson with certain rule. With high motivation burned I forced my students to recall all the rule based on my lesson destination. I did it every time I taught them in all classroom that I was in. In teaching learning activity, I wrote some problems that I found in a small piece of paper.

Based on the observation, I found that the students felt sleepy and sleepy, went the rest room and disturbed one another. If it happened continuously, I could not imagine how poor my English teaching was. Finally, I tried to use the new strategy. here are the steps that I apply:

Begin teaching
Use visual pictures concern with the topic that you teach. For example; 3 students in different height, 3 books with different total pages in each.

Process teaching
a. Explains the adjective or adverb for the subject that comparing
b. Count number of syllable that the subject has
c. Write the sentences based on the degree of the subject. Remember! teacher must introduces them with : affirmative, comparative and superlative sentence.

End teaching
a. Ask one or two students to write the degree of comparison sentence in the board.
b. Conclude students work. Then, tell them the result.

How to know your objective is obtained?
In order to have a real students’ achievement of the objective, the teacher must give them assignment that they do. Teacher gives two to five easy and different types of regular and irregular adjective or adverb. Remember, Teacher must give a clear instruction before the students do their task. At the end of their work, teacher must scores their work. Then, report the score to them.

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